DECOCO Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 100% Premium Organic- 250ML

Drink/Eat-cooking/Apply-Massaging for your healthier choice
Remove Cosmetic (can apply on eyes)
Pregnancy can use to remove Orange-skin

This all-in-one oil has been used throughout Asia and the Pacific region for thousands of years, thanks to its numerous uses, including for cooking and medicine. De Coco Bangkok welcomes beach season into the fold with their signature Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which can be used for hair, skin, and even cooking (that’s right). After a day (or several) on the beach, apply the oil to your skin for a deeply moisturizing treatment or to prevent sun burns. Keep it close at hand, as it stops the skin from peeling and also helps to relieve sunburns. De Coco’s virgin coconut oil is suitable for all skin types, it’s affordable, and, most of all, it smells delicious.


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